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Kirishima, a place that changes with the coming of each season.
Nestled in an expanse of natural lands where you can feel the history and tradition that lies with Sakura Sakura Hot Springs.
Our beloved hot springs are natural and free-flowing, and the low acidity of our rare and natural mud baths are gentle on the skin. Since our milky-colored sulfuric springs are gentle on both the body and the mind, you can indulge yourself in tranquility. Alternatively, you are also free to enjoy these baths with your friends or family.We'll look after you with our amazing and original banquets that are made by chefs who fuss over each flavor, especially our "nabe hot pot cuisine."
Please feel free to have a pleasant stay at our resort where you can be surrounded by beautiful greenery and hear the very breath of nature.

An inn famous for its natural mud baths

Sakura Sakura Hot Springs

〒899-4201 2324-7 Taguchi, Kirishima, Kirishima-shi


*Apologies for the inconvenience, but all calls will be taken in Japanese.

Check In 16:00 (Last check in at 21:00)
Check Out 10:00
Sightseeing spots near Kirishima

Wi-Fi Available

Credit Cards Accepted

Languages: Japanese, English

Japanese-style Rooms Available

Rotenburo Outside Baths Available

Natural Mud Baths Available


We have 5 different types of rooms ready to
relieve you of your weariness on your ancient hot spring journey.
Please choose the facilities that suit your needs best.

Japanese-style Room /
Western-style Room /
Japanese-Western Mixed Room Types

"Relaxation Buildings - Main Sakura Building"

We've prepared some spacious rooms with great views.

There are two types of baths, the larger of which can accommodate 7-8 guests at the same time.These are perfect for guests who don't want the hassle of moving baths when it rains or want to hire a private bath as they have children, so please feel free to give them a go.Feel free to unwind in our lobby at your time of arrival and departure.

2 meals provided per night

"Relaxation Buildings - Sakura Annex"

There's also a lounge with books. It's very handy as it's so close to the Sakura Bath.

Japanese-style Room 2-4 Guests
Western-style Room 2 Guests
Japanese-Western Mixed Room 2-4 Guests

2 meals provided per night

"Detached House - Sakura Lodge"

A building with a relaxed atmosphere where you can take in all the lush surroundings of nature.

The nearby Momiji outdoor rotenburo bath can be privately hired for use by families.Families and groups of friends can enjoy the outdoor bath freely.Includes an indoor mud bath that people can freely enjoy.

2 meals provided per night

Log House / Cottage Type

"Cottage - Sakura Village"

A more luxurious cottage that can be used from as few as 2 guests.
There is a mud bath in each cottage. You can also enjoy the same water that runs through the Sakura Outdoor Bath in the privacy of your own room.

A luxurious and spacious holiday cottage for as few 2 people.
An airy 12 tatami mat-sized atrium with twin rooms that help to give the cottage a sense of openness.

1 cottage accommodates 2-8 guests.

2 meals provided per night

"Canadian Log House - Kirishima"

Maximum accommodation up to 20 guests.
Mud baths available inside each log house.

North American-style log houses ordered from Canada to inspire a sense of solidness, with interiors that have a relaxed atmosphere with 1 Japanese-style room and 3 Western-style rooms.
We have 3 buildings available: The Rocky, Calgary, and Niagara Buildings.
There are also barbecue facilities in the garden, and ingredients available within the building.

1 building can accommodate 5-20 guests.

*Parties of less than 7 guests may be shown to the 7-guest Niagara Building.

2 meals provided per night


The ancient hot spring town, Kirishima.
Surrounded by greenery, you can hear the spirit of nature…

"Natural Mud Hot Springs"

Slightly acidic natural sulfur bath mud packs that are gentle on both the mind and body for soft and smooth skin.

Spring Type Low-Acidity Sulfur Spring
Effects Relief from nerve pain, stiff shoulders, fatigue, rheumatism, sprains, exterior wounds

These natural mud baths, full of hot spring ingredients such as sulfur, are the pride of our resort.
Mud is left to dry after being applied to the body. After washing the mud away with warm water mixed with face wash cream or soap, the natural mud pack leaves the skin smooth and glowing.
Mud packs may be applied not only to the face and body but anywhere, including the hair. As well as beautifying properties, this mud pack also promotes perspiration and also helps stiff shoulders and weight loss.

What are mud baths?

"Large Outdoor Rotenburo Bath - Sakura Bath"

The most popular bath in the Sakura Sakura Hot Springs.
A free-flowing natural mud bath bubbling up from the source that you can enjoy and re-energize in.

There are wide indoor and outdoor rotenburo baths available for men and women (the Daimyo Bath for men the Beauty Bath for women).
There is natural mud for mud pack use in the rotenburo bath. Feel free to enjoy the natural mud and mud packs until your heart's content in the refreshing open air and natural surroundings.

■ Opening Hours (When staying)
7:00-9:00, 11:00-23:00 (Closed 9:00-11:00 for cleaning)


Delicious meals from chefs who pay
careful attention to both ingredients and taste.



As well as original Sakura Sakura Hot Springs shochu sake, there are lots of things from various kinds of confectionery to small accessories available here. We recommend our resort's signature "Sakura Sakura" which uses sakura red bean paste.

Opening Hours

"Karaoke Bar"

We've prepared a place where you can have fun and gather after enjoying seasonal food and soaking your body in warm water. Try spending a little time in "Momiji Tei", our karaoke bar, at night.

Opening Hours

"Counter Bar"

A counter bar stocked with plenty of local Kagoshima shochu sake. Feel free to stop by for a drink after enjoying dinner and a soak in the baths.

Opening Hours


  • You may use the private outdoor rotenburo bath Miyama.
  • You may use the dining and break room between 11:00-15:00.
  • The Slow and Easy Day Trip Package will be provided to groups of 2 guests and over.
  • Please apply at least 1 day before intended use.
  • You may select creative cuisine.