Mud Bath Report

Get smooth skin with a weakly-acidic natural sulfuric hot spring mud pack that's gentle on both your mind and body.

Natural Mud Hot Springs

Sakura Sakura Hot Springs - One of the few hot springs in Japan with mud baths.
We've compiled this handy guide for our mud baths so that even visitors who aren't used to these rarities can enjoy them.

*This photograph is for reference only. You cannot enter the bath while still covered with the mud.

Precious Yunohana natural mineral deposits taken from the source

Precious Yunohana minerals that have long been sought out by specialist Yunohana finders. They are carefully brought back here.
We're happy for you to enjoy the sensation of our natural mud that's gentle on your mind and body as you carefully use these precious Yunohana minerals.

How to enjoy a Sakura Sakura-style mud bath

The mud is inside this container!

  • First, warm your body up with a soak in the hot spring.As you cannot enter the hot spring with the mud still on your body, you must be careful not to let yourself get too cold, especially during the colder months.
  • On the side of the bath there is a stone container with mud in it.
  • Rub the natural mud onto your body and allow it to dry for a while.
  • It's best to smear the mud on your body to a degree where you can still faintly see the skin!
  • Allowing the mud to dry for around 5 minutes works best.
  • If you apply the mud pack too close to the eyes it may get into them, so please be careful!
  • After it has dried, wash the mud off thoroughly with warm water from the hot spring. When doing this you can always try mixing the water with a face wash cream or soap for an even better effect!
  • After washing it off, the natural mud pack should have left your skin smooth and glowing.
  • You can use this mud pack not only on your face and body, but also on your hair or anywhere else.
  • You can purchase a face cream with mud ingredients via mail order.
About Sakura Sakura clay soap (Japanese site)

Leaves you with soft, smooth, and beautiful skin

The mud that we use in our baths is a natural mud that contains ingredients found in hot springs such as sulfur.
The natural mud pack will leave you with smooth and glowing skin.In addition to its beauty effects, this mud promotes perspiration, and helps with stiff shoulders and weight loss.

Spring Type Low-Acidity Sulfur Spring
Effects Relief from nerve pain, stiff shoulders, fatigue, rheumatism, sprains, exterior wounds
Bath entrance fee 11:00-20:00
Adult ¥ 800 Child ¥ 350